Roundup: Wal-Mart Protest, Kobe Likes Dwight, Hayden Panettiere

Kelly Brook … look at this baby walrus … students arrested for selling pot brownies … Governor gives out sex hotline instead of meningitis hotline … prospect torn between Clemson and Ole Missbullies bully teen while he’s being interviewed about being bullied … Drudge Report worth $375 million … OC Register hiring people, expanding print edition … satellite images of Bin Laden’s secret training facilitySarah Palin‘s still got it… Chet Haze’s Reddit account was classic … Malaria is killing penguins in London zoos … Wal-Mart protests keep growing … TSA screener slaps dude in the testicles …

38-year-old Texan gets new liver from a 12-year-old West Virginia girl who died last year. [Charleston Gazette]

Hayden Panettiere and the coach’s wife from Friday Night Lights have a new show and it is supposed to be good. Wonder how the ratings were!? [Entertainment Weekly]

Rochester’s James Young picks Kentucky over Michigan State. Kentucky doesn’t care about the salary cap. [Detroit News]

MMA is not an approved offseason conditioning activity. [NCAA]

Kobe Bryant is in favor of Dwight Howard. [LA Times]

Players who hit multiple home runs during a single playoff game. [ESPN]

Mike Ditka’s son got a DUI the other night. [Chicago Tribune]

Diary of a locked out NHL player. [The Barnstormer]

Are the Knicks really the oldest team ever? [Harvard Sports Analysis]

Walton Goggins on playing a transgender prostitute on Sons of Anarchy. [Washington PI]

US speed skater apologizes for mucking with opponents skates. [Globe and Mail]

The latest attack ad from Sparky the Sun Devil.

Awesome game-winning goal, announcer goes wild.[via Hot Clicks]

Pittsburgh teen knocks out a teacher in an alley, unprovoked. This kid is a savage. No way his punishment fits this crime.

Great dog shaming. So great I put his picture out front.

This dude is pretty good at this kicking footballs thing.

Rick Springfield now performing in the New York City subway.

Because you want to see it first!

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