Spanish Olympic Basketball Team Trashed Two Rooms, Caused $14,000 Damage After Gold Medal Loss

Spain’s basketball team lost in the Gold Medal game to Team USA back in the summer. (Feel free to chant U-S-A for a few minutes.) Spain may not have taken the loss in stride as they apparently trashed two Olympic apartments following the game. From the New York Daily News:

Manager Sergio Scariolo’s team racked up more than $14,400 in damages to their two London 2012 rooms after the 107-100 loss, it was revealed Thursday.

The exact nature of the damage has not yet been confirmed, but the Spanish media has condemned the actions as “despicable” and “disrespectful”.

And a source within the Spanish Basketball Federation, which has officially denied any knowledge of the vandalism, said: “The leaving parties are usually a regular thing when players finish a tournament. After living together for six weeks, preparing and competing, they have it. But it has never led to this.”

That’s some rock star stuff right there. I have to ask though – what are they doing with the Olympic dorms now? Is the London Olympic Village a ghost town now or has it been converted into very tiny apartments? This is surprising from Spain, which I would consider a veteran team. Of course, this is also the same team who made fun of the Chinese in 2008. I wonder if Spain will make the players pay for the damage.

But he did also say that a Moroccan athlete took out a sprinkler system that crashed through several floors by playing with a remote control aircraft.

That is a throwaway line towards the end of the Daily News article. I feel like we need more details on that. Many more details.

[NY Daily News]

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