College Coaches Have Trouble Selling Their Ridiculous Homes When They Change Jobs and Have to Move

College coaches change jobs a lot. When they change jobs, they have to uproot their family and move to a new city. When they get to the new city, they have to find a place to live. While we know they leave their previous school behind, you don’t often think about the actual, physical home they have left behind. Even though major college coaches make good money, it is kind of stupid to own a big house in a city they don’t live in, and are sometimes no longer welcome in. These days, it is no easy task to sell these homes and the Wall Street Journal has a whole article about all the big, expensive homes that carpetbagging coaches have left behind.

When Urban Meyer quit as head football coach of the University of Florida in 2010, he left behind more than his two championship trophies: He and his wife, Shelley, are still trying to sell their six-bedroom, 5½-bathroom, 6,800-square-foot home in Gainesville, Fla.

Florida fans must feel horrible that their beloved Urban Meyer is having trouble selling his home.

“If you win, you move, and if you lose, you move,” says Terry Saban, wife of Nick Saban, head coach of No. 1-ranked Alabama. “You like to be positive and have faith, but you can’t help but think about the next move.” (Ms. Saban says Alabama is their “last stop.”)

Sometimes, coaches don’t even need to change jobs to leave houses behind. This waterfront property is a$10.95 million, 6 bedroom, 9 bath, 10,000 square foot home that the Sabans bought in Lake Burton, Georgia. After they built the house another lot became available. They have an abandoned boat house nicer than wherever you live.

[Wall street Journal, h/t: Mike]

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