Tim Tebow Top 5 From the Colts Win: John Cena, a Towel, a Bathrobe and a Monkey

The Jets won big Sunday, defeating the Colts, 35-9. Tim Tebow converted a 4th down on a punt fake by completing a 23-yard pass to linebacker Nick Bellore. He also carried the ball four times for seven yards. It was a banner day for Tebow and the Jets. Yet somehow, most of the Tebow Pictures of the Week don’t come from the game.

5. Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez in the Locker Room (Maybe)

After extensive research, from the best I can surmise, this picture of Tim Tebow in a towel, talking to Mark Sanchez in an official Jets Mark Sanchez #6 bathrobe popped up recently on an OutSports.com message board. It could very well be a photoshop. Real or not, there is a lot going on in this picture. The official jets Mark Sanchez #6 bathrobe for example.

4. Tim Tebow Popular With the Press

It was a Tim Tebow media scrum in the preseason that first inspired these posts. SNY’s Josh Newman shared this tweet of the reporters lining up to get a piece of the man.

Simple math: One jump pass on a fake punt = reporters standing 3-deep to talk to Tebow. #Jets

3. Monkey Tebows on Animal Practice

This was on Animal Practice a week or two ago. I like Animal Practice. Animal Practice will definitely get canceled.

2. Honorary Jets Captain John Cena and Honorary Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow

John Cena may not be an actual Jets fan, but he was The Marine so he can do whatever the fuck he wants. Except swear in front of Tim Tebow. That would not be cool. [via @joeystyles]

1. The Lost Wristwatch

Oh my. This picture would be great no matter who was in it.


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