Minnesota Lynx Coach Cheryl Reeve Got a Technical, Lost Her Mind & Threw Her Jacket at an Assistant [Video]

Funny story… I walked in the door tonight and turned on my television and it was on ESPN. The WNBA playoffs were on. I saw a woman slide from the free throw line to the basket support and changed the channel. Five minutes later, my brother called me to tell me that he and his friend had just walked in the door and turned on the television. “I have to start the story this way so you will understand why I was watching this,” he said. “The WNBA Playoffs were on. It was the only 30 seconds of WNBA we have ever watched and a coach lost her mind. She got a T and started stripping. She threw her jacket at her assistant. It was hilarious. This is worth a post.”


Here is Minnesota Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve complaining about a no-call on one of her players. When she gets hit with a technical foul, she proceeds to lose her mind. “The coat came off quickly. I’m not sure what was next,” says the announcer. A phone call to the brother of whatever poor bastard accidentally watched this – that’s what was next.

[Video courtesy @cjzero]

Because you want to see it first!

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