Roundup: Obama Crushes Romney, Lance Armstrong Steps Down From Livestrong, Beyonce at the Super Bowl

Emmanuelle Chriqui … underground bunker explosionThe Hills was only kind of fake … an explanation of Romney’s tax plan … Rafi will appear on Modern FamilyTina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the Golden Globes … waitress gets $3 million tip when customer wins lotto … do not be alarmed – it is Wednesday … space shuttle time-lapse … why Paranormal Activity should give us hope in movie making … world’s oldest dad … Obama much more aggressive in second debate …  road rager gets his ass beat … student with nut allergy bullied by teacher with candle … people who own a Blackberry are ashamed … Khloe Kardashian will host the X Factor … woman accused of biting boyfriend’s sonmachete attackBill Murray calls Kelly Lynch’s husband whenever her sex scene in Road House is on television … hilariously related: I watched Road House yesterday …

Oh, hello there South African Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You’re looking very nice today. [The Roosevelts]

Lance Armstrong has stepped down from Livestrong. [Dallas Morning News]

The NHL proposed a 50/50 revenue split and want a full schedule. What’s next? [CBC]

Asian Football Confederation accidentally calls UAE national team “sand monkeys.” [AP/NBC Sports]

Beyonce will headline the Super Bowl halftime show. Next week we will announce where I’m getting my pizza and wings during the big game. [WaPo]

Justin Verlander threw 249 pitches in 8 1/3. Tigers beat the Yankees. Detroit can finish New York tonight. [New York Times]

This dude loves Smush Parker more than I love Jimmer. [Grantland]

Jarrett Jack has been warned about flopping. [Twitter]

A new profile on Jeremy Lin that doesn’t really reveal anything new about Jeremy Lin. [GQ]

The New York Knicks tip-off event was a trainwreck on par with their coming season. [CBS New York]

Texas Tech player blogs that West Virginia was the most selfish team ever. [Student of the Game]

Here’s a 2-year-old short video musical about a space telescope. Yup, still holds up.

Amusing, well-done, really sad.

An 8th grader kicking a 63-yard field goal? Good for him. You know what is great about kickers? No matter how big a leg he has, he’ll eventually shank a game-winner and everyone will hate him. [With Leather]

Guy faints on slingshot, wakes up and has no idea what he’s doing there.

Because you want to see it first!

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