Steve Berthiaume Leaves ESPN to be an Announcer with the Arizona Diamondbacks; Cindy Brunson, His Wife, is Leaving ESPN, Too

ESPN will be looking to fill two Sportscenter anchor seats this winter. Sources tell me* that Sportscenter anchor (and Baseball Tonight fixture) Steve Berthiaume is leaving the network to take an announcing job with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sources also say that Berthiaume’s wife, Cindy Brunson, a Sportscenter anchor, will be leaving the network as well and going to Arizona with her husband.

These moves come as Sportscenter braces for a significant shakeup in the coming months, sources say. Sagging ratings – I asked ESPN for them earlier this week, but don’t have exact numbers yet – has the network somewhat rattled and looking for answers. One potential solution? Moving people around.

The buzz right now is nobody’s anchor seat is safe – be it 9 am (Hannah Storm on the move?), 6 pm or 11 pm – and we’ve gotten word that more than a couple “big” (relatively speaking) names are unhappy with the direction things are headed. A lot of the moves remain fluid and decisions haven’t been finalized, but the one change that appears to be a lock is rising star Lindsay Czarniak (JMU grad!) is headed for the 6 pm Sportscenter full-time, starting sometime in December.

If you’re privy to details about why a certain veteran is getting shafted, or why ___ is begging away from their partner on the ___ Sportscenter, you know where to find me.

* Why would I tweet that without the post? Well, I thought it’d hold until tomorrow, but then I got word the team was going to announce the move around 5:30. I was stuck in traffic returning from Costco and had no choice but to tweet, as I couldn’t have the post done in time. You could not care less, I know.

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