Terrell Suggs: Is He Playing Sunday or Not? Conflicting Reports From ESPN & the Baltimore Sun

Adam Schefter of ESPN is being told by league sources (read: T-Sizzle’s agent? Ravens front office hoping to deflect story away from Lewis/Webb injuries?) that Terrell Suggs “is targeting and expecting to play Sunday versus Houston.” Sly wording from Schefter, but it’s careful enough wording that the story will be plastered all over ESPN (TV, radio, website) on an otherwise slow sports Thursday.

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun is hearing otherwise, and Suggs is calling bullshit on Schefter:

a source told The Baltimore Sun, “He’s not playing.”

When asked about a report that Suggs will play Sunday, the source responded, “I would be shocked if he played.”

Asked if he would play Sunday, Suggs replied: ‘If it didn’t come from coach [John] Harbaugh or myself, it’s not a credible source. There’s no plan in place, take it day by day. We’ll decide Sunday what’s best for the team. Right now, we’re just feeling it out. Come Sunday, I may or may not be out there.”

Without Suggs, Webb and Lewis, the Ravens and that porous run defense are going to get trucked by an angry Texans team looking to remove the stench from an ass-kicking Sunday night at the hands of the Packers.

Not sure why Baltimore wouldn’t just wait. The Ravens have a bye the following week, then take on Cleveland. Why rush Suggs back now, when you can give him two more weeks to get in game shape?

Because you want to see it first!

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