St. Louis Cardinals Are a Win Away From the World Series

The St. Louis Cardinals are one win away from a 2006 rematch with the Detroit Tigers and a return to the World Series for the second consecutive year and third time in seven seasons. Remarkably, the Cards are doing it this time without aging, overpaid, overfed slugger, Albert Pujols. If I woke up tomorrow morning with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be any more surprised than I am right now.

Making an attempt to save the day for the Giants will be, who else, Barry Zito. The last time old Barry took the mound, he last 2-2/3 innings, allowing two runs on four hits and an obscene four walks. Sounds promising. Does it even matter that Lance Lynn is pitching for the Cardinals? It really makes no difference for this magical team. Everything just has a way or working itself out, especially with Carlos Beltran and his glowing postseason bat.

I’ll be pulling for the Cards to win tonight, and then beat Detroit, with one reason being to see Mark McGwire freak out during the champagne celebration. The dude has been awfully quiet since becoming the Cardinals hitting instructor and this season he’s been persitently trolled by his ex-Bash Brother, Jose Canseco. Something’s got to give. The only question remaining is, will Drew Storen be watching?

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