Sheffield Goalie Chris Kirkland Attacked By Leeds Fan During Game [Video]

Sheffield Wednesday* goalkeeper Chris Kirkland was assaulted during a match against Leeds United when a fan ran onto the field and hit him in the face with both hands. With the help of the public, police say they have identified the man. According to Deadspin, the man who attacked Kirland is Aaron Cawley, who was previously banned from soccer matches when he was 16-years-old. From the Gloucester Echo:

The 20-year-old from Blenheim Square, Cheltenham, was been [sic] banned from every football ground in the country when he was 16 after he was caught at the centre of 200-strong riot at Leeds’ Elland Road ground.

He was found guilty of breaking his latest two-year ban at Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

His ban forbids him from travelling on the national rail network to or from any town or city on the day Leeds play a home or away game in that city.

He was charged with breaching the order on November 6 last year when he was found travelling by train to Coventry on the day Leeds were playing in the city. He had previously breached it twice before and so the order had been extended.

Hopefully a ban for life is next on his list of accomplishments.

*That is really the team’s name.

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