CC Sabathia to See Dr. James Andrews While the Yankees Collectively Hold Their Breath

Yankees ace CC Sabathia has been dealing with an inflamed left elbow between each of his starts since coming off the disabled list on Aug. 24. That’s nearly two full months of swelling, giving the team enough cause for concern that Sabathia will be sent to Birmingham for a visit with renowned surgeon, Dr. James Andrews.

Initial tests done by the Yankees in August did show that the ligament in his left elbow was clean, but the mere fact that a visit with Andrews is being called for is enough to scare Yankee fans, and Sabathia for that matter. No one goes to see this guy seeking or expecting good news, so the ensuing words of “Tommy John surgery” certainly aren’t out of the realm of possibility.

Here’s CC speaking with reporters on Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium:

“A little bit because it’s something I have never felt before, never had a problem with the elbow,” Sabathia said of being concerned. “I felt it off and on in between starts. But I didn’t feel it on the field.”

The guy has been pitching for years and this is something he’s never felt before? Yikes. Sure, it’s wise for a team to be proactive with such a hefty investment, but this doesn’t sound too promising. Probably best to brace for the worst, Yankee fans, though terrible news has become somewhat of a customary thing in 2012.

First, we saw Mariano Rivera get carried off the field after collapsing while shagging fly balls during batting practice. Then it was Derek Jeter going down like a bag of bricks after trying to simply field a baseball. Now it’s CC Sabathia, the team’s ace, headed to see the Michael Jordan of Tommy John surgery. And all of this is happening while Alex Rodriguez can no longer get around on a fastball. The Yankee offseason began less than a week ago and it’s already more intense than world 8-4 in Super Mario Brothers.

[via New York Post]

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