Danica Patrick Wrecked Her Car While Trying to Wreck Landon Cassill at the Casino 400 [Video]

Danica Patrick got the Go Daddy.com car on television today. That’s her job. That and wrecking Go Daddy.com cars. From The Sporting News:

“I had just been really frustrated with the 83. He slammed into me on the front straight for no other reason than his radio communication of, ‘She was in the way,’ ” she said. “I’ve always played fair, but if it’s one time I can imagine frustration but it’s been pretty consistent with him getting into me and so, at some point, I have to stand up for myself or everyone is going to do it.

“The bummer is this was my Texas car. We were having a good run and making the car better and then I’m out of the race and he’s not.”

According to The Sporting News, Patrick and Cassill were jockeying for 25th place when the wreck occurred. Sounds like the best run ever.

[h/t: @RyanLoco]

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