Chiefs Bench Matt Cassel in Favor of Brady Quinn, Going All In For That #1 Pick

Brady Quinn is now the starter in Kansas City. Romeo Crennel announced that the decision was made to “get everybody’s attention” and that Matt Cassel was not the only reason the Chiefs are at 1-5.

Well, Brady Quinn did start the last game when Cassel was out with the concussion. He obviously did so well that he earned the job. What’s that you say? 4.7 yards per pass attempt. Blaine Gabbert thinks that was embarrassing. We should adjust for the opponent. (Looks up how other quarterbacks have done against Tampa).

Never mind.

Matt Cassel is being replaced by Not Matt Cassel basically, not Brady Quinn. Not Matt Cassel is a popular man in Kansas City at the moment. As soon as those who rooted for Cassel to be benched realize that it’s Brady Quinn who is Plan B, well, they’ll probably still root for the team to get the #1 pick. In a week after the GM, Scott Pioli, got skewered for sticking with Cassel for four years, the move is made. Cassel is not good. The problem is that Cassel is probably still the best quarterback on the roster. Brady Quinn once played for Romeo Crennel and Crennel went with Anderson over Quinn.

I’m looking for silver lining here. You know what, he’s only thrown 385 passes in his NFL career. Maybe he’s a late bloomer. Let’s look up all other quarterbacks drafted in the first two rounds who threw between 200 and 600 passes by age 27, and averaged fewer than 6 yards per attempt.

On second thought, let’s not do that. Here’s to rooting for Quinn’s old team Cleveland and Jacksonville to get a few wins this year.

[photo via US Presswire]


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