Clock Operator at the Jets/Patriots Game Sure Had a Quick (Shady?) Trigger on the Fumbled Kickoff

The Jets had just tied up the Patriots at 23 with a little over two minutes to play. The Jets kicked off, and Lex Hilliard – whom New York signed Oct. 2 – caused a fumble. Keep an eye on a) the recovery, b) the clock, c) the referee coming in waving to stop the clock. Watch it a couple times.

What is clear:

1) the Jets pounced on the fumble.
2) the clock stops very quickly – some might say, prematurely – at 2:01. Why is that relevant? The Patriots got an extra timeout with the 2-minute warning. If another second bleeds off that clock – even non-Jets fans will argue it should have – the Patriots don’t get that extra timeout, and don’t have enough time to go down the field to tie the game at the end of regulation.

The Patriots won in overtime, 29-26. [video via NJD]

Because you want to see it first!

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