Tim Tebow Top 5: The Saddest Tebow Top Five of All-Time

5. Tebow Bus

We Want Tebow! [via @twoeightnine]

4. Abstinence Advocate Prepares to Burn Cheerleader Uniform

Earlier this season she was wearing a shirt that said “This Girl Loves Sanchez.” Jets football.

3. N/A

Dude just never did anything all day. Since there is a horrible lack of Tebow success or fail from yesterday, here’s Mark Sanchez kicking the football out the back of the end zone.

2. Ha ha!

Get it? It looks like he’s putting his head in his butt.

1. Tim Tebow Flex

Tebow took one snap inside the red zone. It resulted in intensity. Later in the game the Jets decided to let Mark Sanchez throw the ball from the shotgun inside the 5. Rex Ryan is not a good coach.

Because you want to see it first!

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