DeAndre Jordan Threw Down a Tomahawk Alley-Oop From Chris Paul [Video]

DeAndre Jordan is a beast. At least as much of a beast as a guy can be when he averaged 7.4 points and 8.3 rebounds a game last season. (Both career highs!) Jordan is a hulking 6’11”, 250 with the ability to jump out of the gym. He’s the one of a handful of guys you could put next to Blake Griffin and not mind if teammates threw the alley-oop to him instead of Blake.  As far as dunks go, this tomahawk is pretty nasty. Add in the fact that that tomahawk came off a laser of an alley-oop from Chris Paul in traffic and it makes it even more nasty(er).

Here’s to another season of Lob City. Playoff success be damned.

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