Man Turns 23-Team Football Parlay Into $25,772, Only Took One Underdog

How difficult would it be go 23-0 picking football winners over a 3-day span? Well, one man did just that last weekend. He put $100 on a 23-team parlay and it hit, paying him $25,772. He took the 49ers and the Oregon Ducks on Thursday night and then an additional 21 teams on Saturday’s college football slate. On such a complicated bet, why did he throw an NFL game in there? In addition to that seemingly random pick, he selected a single underdog – #4 Kansas State on the road against West Virginia. That’s a lot of chalk, but you can’t argue with the results. Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather is waiting for that next perfect bet that he can show off on Twitter. My guess? The second quarter over in Pacers – Cavaliers tonight. Guy’s a pro. [via Beyond the Bets]

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