Cold Steel Challenge Brings Together Dozens of Men Who Like to Pretend Knife Fight

It looks like fencing, but with duct taped paper towel rolls. Cold Steel makes badass knives and weapons and stuff like that. Once a year they have a bunch of people get together for some hand to hand combat using what looks like paper towel rolls covered in duct tape.

It is a celebration of the warrior lifestyle. It’s a place where our friends and customers got together to fight in a controlled, respectful, friendly environment. Where they demonstrated their hard won fighting skills, with knives and swords. There were also throwing events where contestants displayed their skills throwing our spears, shovels, tomahawks, and throwing knives.

In the video, the guy from Auction Hunters (television’s most literal program) is seen throwing a shovel into a target. Shovel-throwing. These guys.

[Cold Steel.com]

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