Sally Jenkins is Working on a Book, So She Hasn't Had Time to Write About Lance Armstrong. Yet She's Found Time to Write About RG3

Lance Armstrong, the biggest fraud in cycling history, has written two books with Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins. Perhaps more than any other journalist in the country, Jenkins has tremendous insight into the world of Armstrong. How does it feel to get dropped by NIKE? Surely Jenkins could get Lance to talk, right? Yet the last thing Jenkins wrote about Armstrong for the Post was in August.

First of all, Lance Armstrong is a good man. There’s nothing that I can learn about him short of murder that would alter my opinion on that. Second, I don’t know if he’s telling the truth when he insists he didn’t use performance-enhancing drugs in the Tour de France — never have known. I do know that he beat cancer fair and square, that he’s not the mastermind criminal the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency makes him out to be, and that the process of stripping him of his titles reeks.

Recently, she tells Jim Romenesko, she went on book leave, so she hasn’t penned anything about Lance since the shit hit the fan.

Strangely enough, Jenkins found time in September to write about NFL Replacement Referees, and over the weekend she attended the Giants/Redskins game and wrote about the RG3 vs. Eli Manning finish.

I’m sure the column about her friend, Armstrong, is right around the corner.

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