T.O. Lost a Game of 1-on-1 to 4-Foot-5-Inch Streetballer Mani Love at the Gym

Terrell Owens is unemployed and looking for a job in the NFL. While he’s waiting for a team to call, he’s staying in shape at the local gym. During a recent visit, Mani Love, a 4′ 5″ streetballer challenged him to a game of one-on-one. At first TO dismissed him, but he was eventually talked into the game, which he proceed to lose, 15-14. T.O. was gracious in defeat and seemed to take the loss pretty well considering the game-winner was a bank shot 3-pointer. Bonus points for T.O. as he showed what appeared to be a reliable jumper in the loss.

[Dime Mag, TMZ via WL]

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