Flo Rida is Responsible For This Monstrosity of a Uniform for His Old High School

Flo Rida would be proud to wear these. (Image courtesy Futuristic Woo)

Flo Rida is an alumnus of Miami (FL) Carol City High, along with Washington Redskins receiver Santana Moss. Mr. Rida recently saw a rival high school embark on a new uniform that invoked visions of spitting pea soup, and decided he wanted some of that. So, according to the Palm Beach Post, he contacted that company, Futuristic Woo, to design new digs for his old school.

The result is this thing that features a giant Indian Chief head plastered across the crotch. The uniforms are being donated by Flo Rida to the school. As I was taught at a young age, just because something’s free doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost something. In this case, pride and fashion sense.

[photo via Palm Beach Post]


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