Magic Johnson: Lawsuit Claims He Fired Flight Attendant For Being Seven Minutes Late

Magic Johnson owns a Gulfstream jet. His former personal flight attendant, Latina Thomas, has filed a lawsuit against him claiming, among other things, she was fired for being seven minutes late for a flight while procuring turkey for him at a deli. She believes this was a pretext for hiring a younger flight attendant.

According to the lawsuit, Thomas, who worked on the basketball legend’s private Gulfstream jet, earned $75,000 a year and a $25,000 bonus. A third of her time was spent catering to Johnson’s requests: stocking the plane with newspapers, DVDs and “highly specific in-flight food and beverage choices,” such as red vine liquorice, which she was required to “regularly squeeze to make sure they were soft,” the suit claims. She was the only flight attendant on duty, and since she was so busy taking care of Johnson and his guests, she was never allowed full rest breaks or meal breaks.

On Sept. 6, after trying to waiting at a deli counter trying to get “two types of specific turkey” for Johnson’s sandwich, she arrived at the plane seven minutes late. Two weeks later, Thomas was fired for being “15 minutes late” for the September 6 flight–a pretext, she alleges, for age discrimination, noting that she was immediately replaced with the woman who had filled in for her when she was on medical leave.

Really, $100K per year for being a personal flight attendant and you’re concerned about “full rest breaks” and having to squeeze someone’s liquorice? What’s the point of owning your own plane if not to demand “highly specific in-flight food and beverage choices?”

[Photo via Presswire]

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