Heidi Watney to the MLB Network? That's the Rumor. [UPDATE: Hired.]

Heidi Watney, the former NESN reporter who nearly landed at ESPN a couple months ago, is rumored to have accepted a job at the MLB Network according to multiple sources.

Watney didn’t return a call seeking comment earlier this week, and her agent couldn’t be reached for comment. I left a message with the PR department at MLB Network, and nobody called me back. Watney has been very quiet on twitter this week.

Enough people close to Watney – the same ones who were right about her interviewing at ESPN and leaving Time Warner Cable Sports – say it is a done deal and the announcement by the MLB Network is expected “soon.” It is unclear right now what Watney’s role would be at MLB Network. Sideline reporter? Studio host?

[UPDATE: The MLB Network just sent out a press release saying Watney has been hired as a “studio host and reporter” and will make her debut in January.]

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Because you want to see it first.

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