Oregon Says Kansas State Didn't Back Out of the Home-and-Home Series, It Was Kind of Mutual

Oregon and Kansas State were supposed to play a home-and-home series in 2011 and 2012. As we discussed earlier this week, KSU pulling out of the game could end up being what helps propel the Wildcats into the BCS title game this year. Unless of course, Oregon and Alabama and Kansas State all go undefeated, and the Wildcats miss the title game because it didn’t play nearly as strong a schedule as the Ducks and Tide.

But wait!

Kansas State didn’t actually pull out of the game. It was actually … mutual, but mostly Oregon’s fault.

From ESPN’s Ivan Maisel:

Oregon executive assistant AD Dave Williford told me that when the 2011 Cowboys Classic offered a slot against LSU, Oregon asked Kansas State to reschedule. Kansas State, needing to go to a nine-game Big 12 schedule, said, let’s just call off the home-and-home, and Oregon agree.

So Oregon and Kansas State agreed to go to the Homecoming Dance. Then, the 2nd hottest girl in the school, LSU, approached Oregon and said they were interested. So Oregon told Kansas State … sorry, maybe we can go to the Spring Fling? Kansas State, eh, forget it.


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