NBA Players' Favorite Drink on Team Flights is ... Strawberry Kiwi Snapple?

Sports teams travel in style, and the Wall Street Journal has the story of Delta’s charter program for NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL teams. The most shocking thing to come out of it was the most popular drink of choice. Strawberry Kiwi Snapple is #1 among NBA teams traveling on Delta. Who knew how popular a fruity beverage could be among seven footers?

Some other cool notes from the story:

  • Delta takes eight airbuses out of its fleet in October and converts it for NBA team travel, reducing the seating from 128 to 54, and dividing it into three cabins (players, coaches, and other staff/reporters with team)
  • The airline keeps profiles of preferences for each team, catering in specific foods or setting up meals differently.
  • Don’t think that teams want the hot young flight attendants. “You’d think they want the youngest and best-looking, but it’s not that way at all. They want experienced, well-spoken flight attendants with a professional attitude,” said Mr. Wernecke. “Teams are afraid of the 23-year-old beauty queen. They think only bad things can happen.”

[photo via WSJ.com]

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