Dallas Cowboys Lose Another Close One to the Giants, Thanks to Turnovers, Jason Garrett, and Dez Bryant's Long Fingers

Romo dammit after 3rd INT against Giants 10-28-12Dallas had an inspired comeback after falling behind 23-0 at home due to turnovers. In the end, it was turnovers that crushed their hopes again. Dallas came all the way back to take a 24-23 lead. After the Giants regained the lead, Felix Jones had a horrific fumble at midfield carrying the ball like, well, loafs of bread are transported better. After the Giants extended it to a 5 point lead, Dallas still staged a drive that could have won the game.

Jason Witten's great 1-handed catch against Giants 10-28-12Jason Witten was everywhere, making insane catches, routine catches and everything in between (17 catches).

Then, they got to a 2nd and 1, all three timeouts in hand, inside the 20. Pass, ridiculous pass, pass where the entire line collapsed and Romo got intercepted when he had to try a desperation heave from 20 yards back. Jason Garrett is a mad genius, though, because he was saving those timeouts to get the ball back after the interception.

Tony Romo terrible interception at the end of Giants game 10-28-12


Dallas got in Giant territory again, where Dez Bryant made an amazing catch, but his hand hit out of bound. Giants survive.


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