Greg Olsen Relies on Former Teammates' Support For His Newborn, as He Prepares to Play Bears Today

The Olsens (Greg KarTate newborn twins T.J. Talbot) have been thankful for support they have received from Greg’s former BearsGreg Olsen and his wife Kara learned that one of their twins was going to be born with a serious heart condition, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a few months ago. It requires immediate invasive surgery and an extended hospital stay. Their son, T.J. was born 18 days ago, and Greg Olsen has been playing football with a heavy heart during that time.

The Olsens have had many forms of support, as Panthers owner Jerry Richardson chartered a private plane for the family so the surgery could happen at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Another form has come from Greg Olsen’s former Bears teammates, particularly Charles Tillman. Tillman and his wife dealt with the sadness, long hours, and hospital stays when their daughter Tiana needed a heart transplant in 2008.

“Charles has been unbelievable,” Greg Olsen said. “As fathers and husbands, you always want to fix everything. But this is something we can’t fix. Here’s somebody who has been down that road, and any tidbit of advice might help.”

Once teammates always teammates. Even though Tillman will be trying to stop Olsen on the field today, they remind us that good teammates are always there.

[story and photo via Chicago Sun-Times]

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