Michael Vick to be Benched, Nick Foles In as the Eagles Continue to Stumble [UPDATE: Conflicting Reports Now Say Possibility But Not Decided]

Michael Vick looks to be out in Philadelphia, and Nick Foles in at quarterback, according to Michael Fabiano of NFL Network. Vick sounded like a man who was resigned to his fate after the game yesterday, acknowledging it was a possibility.

Yesterday, though, it was the defense with new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles that got handled, as the Falcons had 27 of the first 30 plays. The Eagles offense was behind with one 3 and out 14-0, and the game never recovered. Vick has been struggling this year, though, holding the ball too long, and the Eagles offense needs something.

Last week, it was Juan Castillo. This week, it sounds like it is Michael Vick. Pretty soon, they are going to run out of people to bench, and it will end with Andy Reid.

[UPDATE #1: Ian Rapoport, who also works for NFL Network, says no decision made . . . yet, though his sources say it would not surprise if Vick benched.]

[UPDATE #2: The “Vick likely to be benched” report came from Howard Eskin, and Fabiano apparently passed it on without crediting.]

[photo via US Presswire]

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