SEC Missing Out on the BCS Title Game? If Alabama Loses to LSU, and Notre Dame, Kansas State & Oregon Win Out, It Will Happen

Alabama visits LSU Saturday night in Baton Rogue, and even though the Tide are 10-point favorites*, here’s a nightmare scenario for the SEC: LSU wins.

Kansas State doesn’t lose again. (Given the schedule, it probably won’t.)
Notre Dame doesn’t lose again.
Oregon doesn’t lose again.**

The SEC would most definitely get shut out of the title game. The last time the SEC wasn’t represented in the BCS title game? January 4, 2006, when that Vince Young guy put on a show and shocked USC.

Currently, five of the top eight teams in the BCS Standings are SEC teams (Alabama 1, LSU 5, Georgia 6, Florida 7, South Carolina 8). The only teams with a realistic chance of leaping ahead of the SEC posse have to be Florida State, if the Seminoles can beat Florida; Clemson, if the Tigers can beat South Carolina; and Louisville, if it remains unbeaten and UGA/Florida/South Carolina lose a game.

It’s a damn good thing this time next year we’ll be talking about who is going to make the playoff, instead of meaningless bowl game predictions.

* November 3rd has been circled on the calendar for months, and it is a bit surprising to see the No. 1 and 2 teams in the country both heavy favorites on the road. Oregon is up to 7.5 at USC, and that could hit 10 by game-time.

** Who makes the title game in this scenario? Gotta be Notre Dame and Oregon, who both have USC remaining on the schedule.

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