Collin Klein Did Not Kiss His Wife Until Their Wedding Day

Collin Klein, the presumptive Heisman front runner, was on the Jim Rome show today. During the interview, he revealed that he never kissed his wife until his wedding day. According to this earlier Dennis Dodd article, Klein took a vow that he would not kiss until he was married, when he was 14 years old.

He also didn’t go on a formal first date with his wife until they were engaged, saying he was told by the Lord that he would marry Shalin Spani, a women’s basketball player at Kansas State.

Looks like we have a replacement for Tebow coming, though I doubt Klein is going to appear shirtless in any magazines. There is the talk, of course, of whether he can play quarterback at the next level, or play a different position like H-Back or tight end. He’s about to use his legs to move a team into national championship contention. The clamoring for him to start at quarterback will no doubt be great, and you can expect the talk in Kansas City to be about Collin Klein when the Chiefs end their horrific season.

Because you want to see it first!

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