The White Sox Traded Away Kenny Williams' Son, Kenny Williams Jr.

Late last week, the Chicago White Sox moved Kenny Williams from his general manager post to a cushy new position as executive vice president, a classic move designated to prevent the foolish fellow from making any more poor decisions while at the same time disguising it as a promotion.

In his place came Rick Hahn, who has been the GM in waiting for several years. So what was one of Hahn’s very first moves? Trading Kenny’s son, Kenny Jr., to the Rockies for Mark Tracy, a 25-year-old first baseman who hit .264 in Class A Modesto. Ouch. Was this Hahn’s blunt, make-no-mistake-about-it way of flaunting that he does in fact have full autonomy on personnel decisions? Sure as hell feels like it. Why else would he trade away three Gobstoppers for four Spree less than a week after becoming the team’s new general manager?

White Sox fans should already feel a sense of relief and hope that an era of capable management has indeed begun.

[via Chicago Tribune]

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