Steve Blake Cussed Out the Wrong CEO's Son. Lance Jackson Reportedly Told Blake, 'You Need to Knock Down Those Open Shots'

Steve Blake, following a dismal performance Friday against Clippers, ended up cussing out a fan in the front row. Today, the NBA fined him $25,000. According to various reports, the fan told Blake, “You need to knock down those open shots” – Blake shot 2-for-6 that night – and that set the former Maryland point guard off. (Blake has been known to have a bit of a temper.)

This afternoon, the fan’s name leaked on twitter – former UCLA basketball player Kris Johnson was one of the first to make the connection, and Dexter Fishmore did, too – and it turns out his name is Lance Jackson. His father is Steve Jackson, the CEO of LA Gear. How big of a baller are we talking about? From 2011:

Finding a practice spot closer to their team hotel that did not involve the trip downtown, the Heat practiced at the Bel Air home of sneaker mogul Steve Jackson, chairman of L.A. Gear.

There, the Heat worked on a regulation court painted in Los Angeles Lakers colors, with a Lakers logo at center court, a near perfect replica of the court where Jackson holds eight courtside seats.

Athletes are human. They snap. Occasionally, they’ll regret snapping. This is one of those times. According to one report, Blake is going to meet with him and the two will squash the beef like adults do.

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