Angry Lakers Fan Kicked Out of Jazz Game Pepper Sprays Utah Fan Outside the Arena

The Lakers lost to the Jazz, Kobe stewed, SoCal panicked, Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson probably fielded phone calls and … there was a fan altercation in normally placid Salt Lake City. It didn’t involve fists, but it did feature a pepper spray type device:

The discussion escalated and the Lakers fans challenged the Jazz fans to a fight, which they declined, Ashdown said.

Security threw the two Lakers’ fans out of the game, but they apparently decided to stick around to continue the confrontation with the Jazz fans, he said.

The Lakers’ fans spotted the Jazz fans standing on the corner of 100 South and 400 West and started trash talking again.

At that point, one of the Lakers’ fans pulled out pepper spray fogger and let loose with it, police said.

So much to love here. Fight challenge? Fight challenge declined. Angry fans lying in the cut waiting to find the Jazz fans they beefed with? What are the odds they found them! And then this whole pepper spray-fogger contraption … well that’s just fantastic. [SLT]

Because you want to see it first!

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