Geno Auriemma: Caroline Doty is 'Dumb' For Dressing as Lady Gaga and Going Trick or Treating on Halloween

Geno Auriemma, bully-slash-coach of the UConn Huskies, is unhappy with one of his players, Caroline Doty, because she went trick-or-treating on Halloween. Doty dressed up as Lady Gaga and had some fun in the campus dorms – perhaps too much fun. Some losers called campus security and she was cited for excessive noise and “banging on doors” at 2:15 am. Police said alcohol was not involved.

From the Inquirer:

Doty did not play in Friday’s exhibition game, reportedly because she tweaked her knee in practice. She returned to play Wednesday. Some speculated that perhaps coach Geno Auriemma sidelined Doty as a penalty.

At practice Tuesday, Auriemma did not say that was the reason. “Halloween is for an 8-year-old,” he said. “The decision that a 23-year-old makes to go trick-or-treating is dumb. And invariably, the stuff they are going to do is dumber. So that’s what I think about Caroline.”

A college kid having fun on Halloween? The horror! There are two things you can’t deny about Geno Auriemma – his success, and his penchant for being an insufferable prick. What is it about Storrs, Connecticut, that attracts assholes as coaches?

Doty, a 5th year senior, is one of the team’s best shooters (and by all accounts, a good person).

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[Old Halloween photo via Frathouse sports]

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