Rambo-Themed CFL Commercial From the 1986 is Fairly Amazing [Video]

This is an television ad for a 1986 CFL game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Ottawa Rough Riders. Wait. There was a period of about 70 years when the CFL had two teams called the Roughriders and the Rough Riders? I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – that is delightfully Canadian!

Anyway, this ad features Nick Hebeler, Rick Goltz and Al Johns of the ’86 Roughriders squad. They are apparently trying out for the “new Rambo movie.” Each time I listen to these guys speak, I think I’m listening to a new Trailer Park Boys movie where they actually try out for a new Rambo movie. Since this is 1986 I’m not sure if they were pointlessly trying to get in Rambo: First Blood Part II (released in 1985) or looking way down the line at a possible part in Rambo III (1988). Since this is Canada, Rambo II probably wasn’t scheduled for a territorial release until 1987.

[h/t Reddit]

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