Bernie Fine Will Not Be Charged After Federal Criminal Investigation

Bernie Fine, the former Syracuse men’s basketball assistant fired last November after allegations of sexual abuse, will not be charged after a thorough federal criminal investigation, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard.

What does this mean, beyond the obvious that he will not be subject to any criminal trial? Not much more than we already knew. It just means that this is a “he said/he said” between the initial accusers Bobby Davis and Mike Lang, and Bernie Fine (with an assist from Fine’s wife and the audio tape).

Once the Onondaga County DA said there would be no charges because all actions claimed by Davis and Lang were beyond the statute of limitations, it would have taken new evidence. Zach Tomaselli, the third accuser who came forward and caused ESPN to release the audio, was proven to be a fraud who had no connection to Fine. There was no one else who credibly came forward.

Fine hasn’t been proven innocent or guilty, and the civil suit by Bobby Davis will continue. What we do know is that after an involved investigation, no one else came forward. Whether Bernie Fine did anything inappropriate with Bobby Davis was not at issue because of the statute of limitations. At least there was no wide ring of abuse like in the Sandusky case.

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