8-Team College Football Playoff is Closer Than You Think

This should surprise nobody. Scenario: Year one of the playoff goes as everyone expects it to – ratings up, excitement up, and most importantly to the rich suits, the money flows. (The players, who are responsible for all the success, get nothing; that’ll be the next issue tackled in college sports.)

Everything improves in year two. You don’t think by year three – maybe 2017/2018? – they’re looking to double profits by adding four more teams? An 8-team playoff is ideal, and one this site favors over all others.

It’s inevitable. How would an 8-team playoff look this season? Funny you should ask

The two at large teams: Notre Dame, Georgia

Alabama – SEC (1) vs. Nebraska – B10 (8)

Oregon – P12 (2) vs. Boise State/Fresno/San Diego St. – MWC (7)

Kansas State – B12 (3) vs. Florida State – ACC (6)

Notre Dame – AL (4) vs. Georgia – AL (5)

Because you want to see it first!

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Because you want to see it first.

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