Canadian Radio Host Suspended Because He Said He Wanted CFL Players to Die in a Plane Crash

Dean Molberg is the host of a morning show on Rogers Sportsnet Radio The Fan 960. On Wednesday Molberg was talking about the Saskatchewan Roughriders upcoming playoff game in Calgary. During the segment he said that he hoped the team’s plane crashed and four players would die. Yeah… From the Calgary Herald:

Molberg issued his apology on the air and again later in written form on the station’s Facebook page.

“I made a comment yesterday that had no place being on the radio, it was not thought out, it was an attempt to be funny which clearly in hindsight was ill-founded,” said Molberg on the air. “There are a lot of people angry and they have a right to be. There are a lot of people insulted and they have a right to be.

“It goes without saying that I wish no harm to members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and I shouldn’t have to say it you know but I do because I came out and said the stupid and idiotic thing that I said yesterday. We sit in here and you talk for four hours and so much stuff comes out — and again I am not defending it.”

Molberg has been suspended for the rest of the CFL playoffs and the radio station has pledged a donation to the Roughriders’ charity of choice. These comments would be enough to get Molberg in trouble already, but in 1956 a plane crash killed 4 Roughriders players.

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