Can Jets Fans Please Shut the Hell Up and Calm Down About the Seattle Loss?

Initially I was baffled by reaction to the Jets losing 28-7 to Seattle. Did people really expect New York to win? Let’s take a look at three other teams who went into Seattle earlier this year. How did they do compared to the Jets?

Seattle 28, Jets 7.
Score at the end of the 3rd qtr: 14-7 Seattle
Jets total offense: 185
Jets yards per play: 3.7
Jets first downs: 11
Seattle rushing yards: 174

Seattle 27, Cowboys 7
Score at the end of the 3rd qtr: 20-7 Seattle
Cowboys total offense: 296 yards
Cowboys yards per play: 5.2
Cowboys first downs: 17
Seattle rushing yards: 182

Seattle 14, Green Bay 12
Score at the end of the 3rd qtr: 7-6 Seattle
Packers total offense: 268
Packers yards per play: 3.9
Packers first downs: 22
Seattle rushing yards: 127

Seattle 24, New England 23
Score at the end of the 3rd qtr: 20-10 New England
Patriots total offense: 475
Patriots yards per play: 5.6
Patriots first downs: 26
Seattle rushing yards: 85

Here’s a reminder: The Jets are not in the same solar system right now as the Cowboys, Packers or Patriots (yes, mediocre Dallas is that far ahead of the Jets at this juncture). It’s a shock that the Jets were even within 14-7 of Seattle after three quarters.

I hope everyone ripping the Jets is having fun picking at the rotting carcass. This team is irrelevant. Has been since last December. (Technically, I’d take it all the way back to when Tebow beat them on Thursday night last November, but they were at least on playoff life support in mid-December.) Anyone who went into this season with playoff expectations was either a clueless fanboy or just an uninformed football fan.

The worst part? The 2012 offseason – draft, free agency, extending Sanchez, new offensive coordinator – has looked like a absolute disaster through nine games. Obviously things can change, but I have zero optimism right now about the direction of the franchise.

I’m currently in the early stages of a post on how to nuke the franchise and start over. The key will be finding a new GM in the offseason, and hopefully, targeting 2014 as a bounce-back season. Yes, I’m keeping Rex Ryan as head coach. Everyone else – Revis included – would be up for discussion.

Because you want to see it first!

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