Matt McGloin Buys Into Anti-Penn State Conspiracy Following Controversial Fumble Call and Nebraska Loss

Penn State lost to No. 16 Nebraska on Saturday. Midway through the 4th quarter, trailing by 4, Matt Lehman took a short pass and appeared to score before losing the football into the endzone. Nebraska recovered the ball, the referees reviewed the play and despite clear video evidence of a touchdown, upheld the fumble call. Penn State went on to lose, 32-23. After the game, Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin explained why he wasn’t surprised. From Centre Daily:

“We’re not going to get that call here,” McGloin said. “We’re not going to get the call ever, actually, against any team. It doesn’t matter who the refs are.”

“It’s us against the world and we’re not going to get those calls in these types of games,” McGloin said. “It looked to me and everyone else like he got across. I guess they saw something else.”

An anti-Penn State conspiracy. Unless you attended/attend Penn State, you’re probably rooting against the school after the whole Jerry Sandusky scandal. Does it really extend all the way to the replay booth though? Probably not. Maybe the referees didn’t have the camera view that showed it was a touchdown. Or it was just plain incompetence. Either way, its more fun for everyone if we believe the referees and the College Football Illuminati are out to get Penn State. Well, more fun for everyone except Penn State.

[Centre Daily]

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