Roundup: Ben Roethlisberger Goes Down, Marcus Davis is Allergic to Blocking & Husband Catches Wife in a Car with an Exchange Student

Heidi Klum … just when you thought the Petraeus/Broadwell case couldn’t get stranger … “Alleged car thief made food deliveries” … has Cher fallen for a 33-year-old talking head at MSNBC? … “the fight over medical marijuana” … Victoria’s Secret really had to apologize for this? … “Holly Solomon Blames Husband for Obama’s Re-Election, Allegedly Rams Him With Her Car” … Nashville, the second best show on network TV right now after Revolution, is getting extended … “CBS’s Nancy Giles: Whites Oppose Abortion to ‘Build Up the Race‘” … Mitt Romney didn’t do well in Philadelphia … by now you’ve seen photos of the woman Broadwell was emailing, right? …

Pittsburgh beats Kansas City 16-13 in overtime, but the Ben Roethlisberger shoulder injury is the bigger story. [Post-Gazette]

Woj has chimed in on Phil Jackon’s power grab with the Lakers. [Yahoo Sports]

What are the chances Mike D’Antoni runs the type of offense that brings back the Showtime Lakers? [SI]

“Roy Mars was peeing in his compost last weekend — it adds nitrogen — when he looked up and saw something streak across the sky.” [News & Observer]

“A 38-year-old teacher whose husband found her having sex with a 16-year-old boy in a vehicle at or near St. Lucie West Centennial High School was arrested Sunday on a felony charge.” [WPTV]

Jason Whitlock tackles the Bernie Fine mess. [Fox Sports]

Everyone still loves reading about Nate Silver, right? [Chicago Mag]

If you read far enough down here, you’ll see someone at ESPN taking a shot at this site and Deadspin. [Ombudsman]

It’s good to have Melissa Stark back. [SI]

LaMarcus Aldridge on Kobe getting Mike Brown fired: “I have been getting word that he wasn’t happy with how things were going, and if he’s not happy, then your chances there are pretty slim — as we saw with Shaq.  … Everybody talks around the league, and there was talk that he wasn’t happy.” [Oregonian]

Once again, USC is No. 1 in terms of foreign student enrollment. [LA Times]

The McAfee Virus guy is alleged to have killed his neighbor. [Fox News]

Marcus Davis has perfected the art of not blocking. And bad blocking. And he’ll be running stairs for a long, long time. [via Smart Football]

Three men are recovering after a huge fart. [via Hot Clicks]

Damn, how did we miss this Jerryd Bayless chasedown block on Ray Allen? What an athletic play.

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