Mark Buehrle's Dog is Not Welcome in Ontario

Mark Buehrle was traded by Jeff Loria to the Toronto Blue Jays. Jeff Loria, among his many other faults, apparently hates animals, particularly those with a bad reputation. You see, Buehrle owns a pit bull named Slater. Certain municipalities have laws banning pit bulls, including Miami-Dade County, but Buehrle and his family just lived in Broward County and Slater was able to stay with the family after he went to Miami.

Toronto, though, is even more restrictive. The ban applies to the entire province of Ontario. The closest Canadian city where Buehrle could live with Slater is Montreal, 300 miles away. He could, I suppose, choose to live in Detroit and cross the border, but that sounds even worse. I’m not sure keeping a dog is worth living in Detroit.

[photo via US Presswire]

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