Thursday Night NFL Football is a Pain in the Butt, Feel the Excitement of Bills and Dolphins This Week

The Thursday Night menu continues to not disappoint, if your expectations are a swift kick to the groin. This week, after consecutive servings of Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars, we get to see Miami and Buffalo go at it in search of being able to maybe finish ahead of the train wreck in New York. Maybe.

These games have been abominable. Let’s be honest. They also aren’t going away because enough people watch that it gives the NFL Network better ratings than any type of alternative programming. It creates a glutted Thursday night with college football. Injured players are less likely to be able to rebound for a short week. Let’s also get to the real reason they suck.

Fantasy Football.

One of the great things about fantasy football, compared to say baseball and basketball, is that there weren’t games every night. All you single people will scoff, but this is a huge factor in why fantasy football is far easier to play than baseball for the married guys with kids.

Once that Monday night game ended, you had to get any top pickups in right away, but then you could otherwise chill and relax, make pickups throughout the week on your schedule, find that backup defense matchup, and not worry about the lineup until Sunday.

Now, the NFL has ruined that. There is a short window for transactions. We have to have abominable games that throw off the entire Fantasy routine. If anyone can get the NFL to go back to how it was, where Thursday night only came in when the College Football schedule had slowed down, and it was a viable alternative to Christmas shopping on a Thursday night, it has to be the fantasy football players.

Oh, and enjoy Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill tonight. I’m off to make sure I’ve got C.J. Spiller in my lineup.

[photo via US Presswire]


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