Roundup: The End of Twinkies, Someone's Impersonating a Journalist in Wisconsin & Watch a Moose Try to Hurdle an SUV

Christina Ricci … it’s all over for Twinkies … “Man asks judge if he can smoke one more joint” … awful train accident in Midland, Texas kills four veterans … Hayden is reason enough to watch Nashville … “Zambia FA says bus stoned after South Africa friendly” … look, it’s a Q&A with Andy Gray, better known as SI Vault! … TV crews in Oakland now need security … “A new study claims ‘that women are inherently less interested in sports than men‘” … belly button ring caught in wading pool gate … “Laguna Beach to punish parents for teen drinking” …

“An impostor identifying himself as a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter and photographer has been calling high school female athletes at home and asking to take their pictures and interview them.” [J-S]

Jerry Brewer nicely sums up Mike Leach’s terrible first season with the Cougars. [Seattle Times]

No Wade, no problem: Miami 98, Denver 93. Shane Battier made six three-pointers. [Sun-Sentinel]

“I’m not going to lie, New York City nightlife last year pretty much got to me. I was going out pretty much every other night, just not focused on the task at hand. This year is definitely different.” [Bergen Record]

Erik Murphy: From getting arrested for breaking into a car and nearly leaving Florida to a great season-opener for the Gators. [CBS Sports]

If that was the best college hoops read of the week, this has to be second. [CBS Sports]

Here are some ghastly Mark Sanchez numbers. Looking at them, one wonders why he got an extension. [PFF]

Almost forgotten in the Trout-Cabrera debate: Buster Posey won the NL MVP. [Mercury News]

Regarding Tim Tebow: “This isn’t a sign of a division on the team. This might be the one thing everyone in this organization agrees on.” [Star Ledger]

Michael Lombardi unloads on Mike Shanahan because the Redskins are so bad defensively. [Bog]

Chris Webber has some thoughts on Mike D’Antoni getting the Lakers’ job.

DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers went around farting near people. [via Hot Clicks]

How’d we miss this Kyrie Irving behind-the-back pass earlier this week?

Megan Fox made an appearance on her husband’s new TV show.

Check out this moose try to hurdle a car around the :11 mark. The rest of the video is uneventful. [via Cartmaniak]

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