Marc Gasol Celebrated J.R. Smith's Flagrant Foul of Tony Allen Like No One Was Watching

The referees were out to get the previously undefeated New York Knicks last night. The Knicks were called for a whopping 26 fouls while the officials constantly swallowed their whistles in favor of the Grizzlies to the tune of 24 fouls. On top of that, the Knicks were called for 3 technical fouls while Memphis was only called for 2 technical fouls. It was the kind of game that would make any Knicks fan question the integrity of the league. It is impossible to go undefeated when you have to play 5-on-8.

Anyway, the video above shows one of the many bad calls against the Knicks. After a particularly frustrating sequence, J.R. Smith took off from just inside the free throw line in an attempt to block a Tony Allen dunk. Allen, who was cocking back for what looked like a Russ Westrbook-ian slam takes the ticky-tack foul and goes to the ground. Smith was called for a flagrant. After the play ends Marc Gasol went into a swaggy, fist-pumping, screaming celebration because the ball went in the basket.

Earlier in the game, J.R. Smith spun around and hit Jerryd Bayless with an elbow. Again, just good hard-nosed basketball.

Because you want to see it first!

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