Maryland and Rutgers Are Gone to the Big Ten, and Both Made the Right Move

Maryland has kissed the ACC goodbye, and will move to the Big Ten. All that glorious College Park history, gone! I’d feel a little worse if this hadn’t already happened to Nebraska, when the Cornhuskers left the Big 12 for the more more lucrative Big Ten. Or when Syracuse left the Big East for the riches of the ACC. Frankly, I’d put the Nebraska-Oklahoma rivalry and Syracuse hoops above anything Maryland has done in the ACC. Sure, I’ll miss the heated basketball rivalry with Duke, but conference realignment over the last few years has essentially made me numb to the musical chairs.

Do Maryland and Rutgers matter? On the field/court no, but the Terps play in the coveted DC market, and Rutgers is 45 minutes from NYC, and this is all about cable TV money, so the Big Ten will profit handsomely. And we all know college athletics is one big cash-grab, and money trumps tradition, obviously.

Nothing would surprise me now. Florida State to the Big 12? Let’s get it done.

We’ll leave you with the Top 5 players of the Gary Williams era at Maryland. (That football program has largely been irrelevant.) I was a bit too young to remember the Len Bias era at Maryland (plus, I was a Georgetown fan, anyway), and the Bob Wade era doesn’t exist, right? Let’s not forget Wade was responsible for recruiting (paying?) Brian Williams (later Bison Dele), Jerrod Mustaf and Walt “the Wizard” Williams. If I had to pick a favorite Terp of all-time, it would probably be Williams with Exree Hipp a close 2nd.

Because you want to see it first!

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