NHL Lockout Reduces Mike Fisher to Holding Carrie Underwood's Purse on National Television at the AMA's

The American Music Awards were last night. Obviously, the most culturally significant thing to happen at the event took place at the end of the show when MC Hammer came out on stage to be a glorified back-up dancer for PSY. Other than that – according to my Twitter account at least – the most important thing to come out of last night’s show was the fact that hockey players have been reduced to nothing more than arm candy for beautiful blonde actresses and singers during the NHL lockout. Dieon Phaneuf was there with Elisha Cuthbert looking quite goonish, but the peak of this phenomenon came when Carrie Underwood won an award and boyfriend husband Mike Fisher was left holding her purse like a civilian.

Don’t worry Mike. Someday the NHL will be back and Carrie Underwood will be the one holding your purse!

[@cjzero, Getty]

Because you want to see it first!

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