UFC 154: Johny Hendricks' Spectacular KO & GSP Wins, But It's Not Pretty

UFC 154: Johny Hendricks' Spectacular KO & GSP Wins, But It's Not Pretty


UFC 154: Johny Hendricks' Spectacular KO & GSP Wins, But It's Not Pretty

Georges St. Pierre defended the welterweight title for the umpteenth time on Saturday night. It was his most exciting fight since anyone can actually remember. GSP was his usual self, dominating most of the fight with the best wrestling in mixed martial arts. Despite the clear-cut victory, it was one of those fights where both men coming out looking like winners.

GSP got the win on his record, but enough can’t be said about Carlos Condit. By Stockton Rules, Condit may have actually won the fight. We’ve never seen GSP beat up like that after a fight. Condit took a major cut early, bled like a stuck pig and never slowed down. The promotional materials told everyone that Condit was a real threat to GSP and he really was. A headkick floored St. Pierre at one point, but Condit wasn’t able to finish him. So it went back to takedowns and ground & pound. Condit kept at it from the bottom and beat up St. Pierre like we had never seen before. In the end, Condit was awesome, but St. Pierre was great. It’s going to take another great to take down GSP.

Who knows what is next. GSP didn’t dismiss a fight with Anderson Silva, but he did say he would have to think about it. Jon Jones ended up on Dana White and the UFC’s shitlist when he did something similar. Will GSP be trashed publicly if he decides he would rather take a little break and then defend his belt instead of agreeing to the superfight that Dana White all but promised for this May in a football or soccer stadium in Brazil, Texas or Toronto? Time will tell.

Boom. Johny Hendricks did it again. This time, he knocked out Martin Kampmann in spectacular fashion. It was Hendricks’ 4th consecutive victory and another impressive knockout of a top welterweight contender. His last three wins have now come against Kampmann, Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch. That’s not just solid. That’s the kind of stretch that the title-holder should be asked to face. If GSP is going to go for a superfight or take some time off or some third thing, Hendricks should probably be booked against Nick Diaz in a real number-1 contender fight.


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