Danica Patrick: Divorce From Her Husband, Paul Hospenthal

Danica Patrick announced on her website today that she’s getting a divorce from her husband, Paul Hospenthal, after seven years of marriage. The two met after Patrick suffered a yoga injury, and she went to a physical therapist. Hospenthal was her physical therapist.

This is the best story I’ve read about Patrick, which also talks briefly about her (at times) awkward relationship with her husband, who had the role as “Mr. Danica Patrick”:

Before he met Danica, Hospenthal worked as a trainer on the professional golf tour, and with several baseball teams. I sensed that he is still a bit uncomfortable in the role of “Mr. Danica Patrick,” as he put it. He said that the anomaly of his status as a racing spouse has created some awkward moments on the circuit, as when a driver, Dario Franchitti, teased him about carrying Danica’s helmet. Franchitti is married to the actress Ashley Judd. “She flies home from Japan and makes me breakfast, and she’s Danica Patrick, for Pete’s sake,” he said. “I carry her helmet at the racetrack, and if the guys want to snicker at me, well, it’s my wife. That’s what you do. I really think that’s one of the biggest things that make us work. By the way, this Dario Franchitti, it’s like, who are you to talk? Your wife’s Ashley Judd. You gonna bust my chops, Mr. Judd?”

You should read that story.

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