Jack Taylor: 138 Points for Grinnell, and Here's Video

Jack Taylor, a 5-foot-10, 170-pound guard on the Grinnell (Division III) basketball team, scored an NCAA record 138 points in a win over some other school Tuesday in Iowa. The final score and the opponent are irrelevant.

The statistics Taylor compiled have invited more mocking than praise: Grinnell took 136 shots; Taylor took 108 of them. He only played 36 minutes and thus was scoring every 20 seconds! Am I the only one who just doesn’t care about any of this?

Did you watch the video? The kid was obviously basket-hanging, and his teammates were getting him the ball every single time. This was glorified pick-up basketball with referees and a smaller crowd than competitive high school basketball. Taylor, if you’re wondering, was a good high school basketball player in Wisconsin, earning All-State honorable mention in 2009.

I’m not angry at Taylor, or even impressed, just indifferent. The only cool thing about Taylor? He was a microbiology major at Wisconsin-La Crosse, before transferring to Grinnell where he knew he could jack shots all day every day.

He took 71 three-pointers Tuesday; the opposing team took 82 shots. That’s not basketball. He’s still throwing up 3-pointers with his team up by 70. Frankly, I’m shocked Sportscenter led with it; I’m more shocked nobody from the other team clobbered this kid instead of enabling him to stitch a clown suit on them.

Here’s Taylor’s high school recruiting video.

Because you want to see it first!

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